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11th February 2019 - Solaris: Zones and IPS created

12th April 2018 - Mysql section extended

11th March 2018 - SSH section added

30th January 2018 - Tcpdump section added

1st January 2018 - openssl section extended

29th December 2017 - bash-awk section extended

25th January 2017 - s-tar section added

11th October 2016 - Linux Days 2016 section added (in Czech)

11th January 2016 - Tmux and Mutt sections added

19th December 2015 - Vim section added

8th December 2015 - Bash array section added

26th November 2015 - Network tools section added

23rd November 2015 - Qemu section added

13th April 2015 - Virtualbox section extended

13th April 2015 - openbsd-printing section mistakes finally corrected

13th April 2015 - PF section largely extended

12th April 2015 - Ip-filter section largely extended

6th March 2015 - VirtualBox section introduced

23rd February 2015 - HTML section updated

22rd February 2015 - Windows section updated

11th December 2014 - NetBSD-Xen section updated

11th December 2014 - php section updated

10th December 2014 - NetBSD-Xen section added

5th December 2014 - IP Filter section initiated. IP NAT section iniciated.

4th December 2014 - Packet Filter section initiated.

25th November 2014 - PostgreSQL section initiated.

24th November 2014 - Mysql section updated.

21th November 2014 - awk updated; windows section added.

21th November 2014 - Mysql section updated - functions added.

11th November 2014 - Hackin section updated.

4th November 2014 - Mysql section updated and extended.

30th October 2014 - Password enabled ZIP on NetBSD added.

24th October 2014 - Hacking section extended.

17th September 2014 - Bash/Awk section added.

5th September 2014 - Web-dev section added.

4th September 2014 - Debian and Centos sections added.

4th September 2014 - FreeBSD PKG intro added.

3th September 2014 - Introductory info updated

28th August 2014 - Hacking section added.

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