Check if anything arrives through UDP to port 514 (syslog)

tcpdump -n udp port 514

Monitor directory content in terminal

cd /var/syslog ; while true ; do ls -l ; sleep 1; echo "vypis:"; sleep 1;done

Monitor if port 514 is listening to UDP packets

while true; do netstat -nau |grep 514;echo ""; sleep 1; echo "Testuji port 514:"; sleep 3;done

Find non ascii file names

find . -name "*" |grep -P "[\x80-\xFF]"

Bulk rename files with sed

for i in ./"Lá*"; do m=`echo $i |sed -e '/á/a/'`;mv "$i" $m; done

Hacking with awk, sed and cut

Sed is the king here, but awk works better with columns and cut can easily split test using various delimiters.


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