OpenSuse Leap

Zypper package manager:

LIST repos:zypper lr
LIST repos with url:zypper lr -u
LIST repos by priority:zypper lr -P
REFRESH repos:zypper ref
ADD repo:zypper ar non-oss
Remove repo:zypper rr non-oss
DISABLE repo:zypper mr -d 12
ENABLE repo:zypper mr -e 12
LIST installed:rpm -qa
SEARCH for a package:zypper se apache
INSTALL a package:zypper in apache2
UPDATE packages:zypper up
REMOVE a package:zypper rm apache2
LIST pkg groups:zypper search -t pattern
INFO about group:zypper info -t pattern lamp_server
INSTALL group:zypper in -t pattern lamp_server
REMOVE group: zypper rm -t pattern lamp_server
CLEAN packages:zypper clean
CLEAN packages and metadata:zypper clean -a

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